Sushi Battle: Toshi Sushi

The first time I went to Toshi Sushi was with Mischka.

Mischka is a crazy Russian friend of mine who caters wild elaborate parties and knows all the best places to eat in the city.

One night, on one of our many food tours, we stopped into Toshi Sushi.  We sat at the bar, two seats down from Susur Lee and his son.  The restaurant was mostly empty yet it was obviously the place to be.

That night we ordered most of the Chef's specials.  I will never forget the smoked oyster, the house salmon salad and the beautiful rolls.

Since then Toshi is my go to in Toronto.  With all of the fast food, Korean owned sushi places (which often have a page of Korean items on the menu - order these instead), this is the best I have found.  I've come back several times to introduce friends to real authentic Japanese sushi, and it's now a favourite date spot for my man and I.

Everything is perfect here.  Even the salad.  It is fresh, served with a side plate, and the dressing doesn't taste like it comes out of a bottle.  I love a good salad.

Toshi Sushi

This is my man and I's date night spot.  We like to start with the tuna carpcaccio with crispy onions. It's delicate but decadent.  The crispy fried onions and delicious sauce have you scraping every last morsel into your mouth and the tuna melts on your tongue.

Toshi Sushi

On the Chef's menu you can find the miso mayo scallops. I've never seen these in any other Japanese restaurant but every time we eat them we go silent.  Somehow the miso mayo topping becomes creamy and almost cheese-like the way it's cooked. Together with the scallops it's the perfect bite - small, rich, and even more delicious than you'd expect.

Toshi Sushi

I'm more of a nigiri fan (tamago and unagi for me please), but my date highly approves the tempura roll.

Toshi Sushi

For comfort food, the Chef's special beef and green onion dish does the trick. Crispy small hunks of beef stuffed with green onion and a hearty teriyaki style sauce warm the belly on a cold winter night.

Toshi Sushi

I almost don't want to tell you about Toshi Sushi because it's always half empty and we can guarantee a table on any night. But it's good. So I've got to share it. Just promise me you'll order the scallops.

Toshi Sushi's Battle Scar:

Food: Traditional Japanese food made with great care. Ambience: Quiet and peaceful with friendly service. Price: More expensive than most sushi spots but worth it.