Brunch Battle: Marben

I have a soft spot for Marben.

My first night there Chef Carl presented us with a feast.  I asked him to bring out his best of the best, and that he did.  Months later, in quiet moments, my friends and I still whisper to each other "Remember those burgers?"


We don't only remember the burgers.  We remember the slippery sweet oysters, the perfectly poached (was it poached, how was it so perfect?) salmon, the fries and house aioli.  There were many other courses, but between the wine, conversation and jet lag, the burgers and salmon are what I remember most vividly.

With this in mind, we were excited to meet out friends for brunch at Marben.


We loved the simplicity of the menu. The best of brunch is there: house cocktails and Caesars, traditional breakfast, omelette, benny and homemade granola with fruit and yogurt. Unique to Marben dishes include Carl's sandwich, a charcuterie plate and a beautiful salad.

Our table orders Caesars (doubles, extra spicy) and the freshly squeezed blueberry lemonade and grapefruit juice. With our drinks, we also received some fresh bread with butter and jam.

bread Marben

Even though I was tempted to go for a full traditional with a side of baked beans and pork, but my body was craving greens, so I ordered the giant salad.  Bad food blogger, I know.

salad Marben

The rest of the table was more heroic and ordered eggs benedict. Some were disappointed that it came with a large salad and no home fries, so we ordered a side of those too. I kind of wish everything came with Marben's home fries - they were perfectly crispy and spiced just right.

The verdict on the eggs benedict is that they were lighter than usual, very fresh, perfectly cooked, and while the english muffin was a little on the crispy side it kind of worked.

eggs benny Marben

Overall it was a very successful brunch. I found the portion sizes and the fresh salads full of wild greens very European. It was the right amount, indulgent without being greedy, and the perfect fuel to stroll the streets on a crisp Saturday morning.

As usual, we also loved the cozy ambiance, great music, and friendly staff at Marben. We'll be back for the burgers in no time.


Marben's Battle Scar:

Food: Great for meat and local fare. Everything cooked to perfection. Ambience: Warm, cozy, friendly and great music. Price: Reasonable - bills can add up with cocktails - but don't they always?