Home From Paris

meringe appetizers wine fish snacks yogurt salad cake chez marriane cheese plate pastry shop cheese shop Cafe de Flore Atelier des Chefs Pierre Herme champagne in bed


Edible Adventure Highlights:

  • Perfectly cooked cod at Les Philosophes
  • French yogurt - especially La Laitière
  • Medjool dates richer than anything I've ever found in Canada (nature's caramel)
  • Abundant salads
  • Cheese and wine feasts before dinner every night
  • Chocolate and foie gras macaron at Pierre Herme
  • Foie gras at Le Polidor
  • Strong coffee with hazelnut milk every morning
  • Dinner at my Turkish family's restaurant and hot Turkish tea
  • A pound of butter in our mashed potatoes made with poached cod in our cooking class
  • Proscuitto and aged parmesan
  • Champagne in bed
  • Kir every day, kir royale every night
  • Bottomless bubbly on the flight home

Stay tuned for videos of our edible adventures!