Gillian's Eats for a Week

One of my favourite sites is the New York Times Grub Street.  I especially love the Grub Street Diet, a weekly blog that dives into the daily eats of celebrities, chefs, writers, and food lovers during one week.

From Andrew Zimmern's raccoon for breakfast to Ruth Reichl's caviar tastings, I can't get enough.  It's voyeuristic, indulgent and fun.

In the past I've been opposed to posting my daily meals because I believe all of our bodies have different needs and I would hate for someone to mimic or judge my own.  So take this with a grain of salt and a side of wine and know that my diet changes daily, monthly, and is what works for me.

This week is fun because it starts off with my regular routine and ends with a whirlwind weekend in Berlin.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 20

I work an early shift at work, so I cuddle up with my emails, the morning show, a hot cup of coffee with almond milk before anyone comes in.  Today I enjoy plain yogurt with an apple, cinnamon, and my morning glory cereal for breakfast.

Lunch is one of my go-to salads: romaine with lots of corn, avocado and salsa. 

By the time we got home I'm exhausted.  Dinner is simple and early.  I basically eat the same thing I had for lunch with the addition of black beans and cheddar cheese.  Afterwards I heat up more black beans with cheddar cheese on top.  Dessert is a pineapple chili lolipop from my favourite Mexican grocer and a big mug of tea with almond milk.

Tuesday, February 21

Lemon water first thing.  Coffee and almond milk with the morning show, big bowl of plain yogurt with blueberries, cinnamon and cashews.

Lunch is a big salad with spicy tilapia and salsa.  I don't love tilapia but it's a functional fish.  I think of it as the tofu of the sea - it's cheap, bland and boring and is a great vessel for spice and sauce.

After work we do a much needed grocery shop.  When we get home I eat some dolmades before making myself an incredible smoked salmon and goat cheese salad with capers, red onion, cucucumber, black radish, tomatoes and olives with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Afterwards I try some of the foie gras mousse John picked out at the grocery store for me.  I'm in a bit of a foie gras and sparkling wine phase.  It may or may not have to do with having a quarter life crisis.

Before I bed I eat chunky peanut butter from the jar and a tall glass of chocolate almond milk.

Wednesday, February 22

Lemon water first thing, followed by a few small coffees and plain yogurt with apple and cinnamon.

Carrots and cucumber as mid-morning snack.  Lunch is a decadent smoked salmon and avocado salad with olives and more balsamic vinaigrette. 

At home I devour spicy Sabra hummus with Mary's crackers.  We call them the "hurt your teeth" crackers.  For dinner I feel very Sandra Lee and make tuna melt lettuce wraps.  How's that for semi-homemade?   It's not bad but next time I'm going more tex-Mex and adding black beans, layers of cheese and some guacamole. 

Bedtime snack same as night before.

Thursday, February 23

Plenty of coffee, vanilla yogurt and a banana for breakfast.

Giant salad with goat cheese, avocado, crackers and vinaigrette for lunch.

I go to the airport to fly to Berlin and grab a a glass of white wine at the bar.

Munch on a Vega protein bar before my flight and pick up a bag of honey cherry Ricolas.

Consume many Ricolas on my flight and am served chicken in some kind of a tomato sauce with vegetables and a side salad as my gluten-free dinner on board.

Friday, February 24

Breakfast on board is a gluten-free bun with margarine and jam and some blueberry yogurt.

When I arrive at Heathrow I pick up a bottle of Ribena, which I loved drinking when I lived in Ireland, as well as a bottle of water.  I walk around before buying a flat white coffee from Pret a Manger and a chicken salad to take on board my flight to Berlin.

After passing out for an hour on my flight I wake up to find my salad is surprisingly delicious and has this great creamy cheese and roasted pistachios in it.

My brother meets me at the airport in Berlin and we head back to his place around 1 p.m.  I chug a cold Club Mate - an amazing cold sparkling tea sold in Berlin that is great for staying alert.  I drink a lot of these during my short stay.

We walk around town and my brother takes me to his favourite coffee shops.  We drink a creamy cappucino for one and a bold flat white from another. 

He takes me to the most amazing food stores (I'll write more about this later), and we stock up on lemonade, Pimms and snacks. 

By this time we're starving and want currywurst for dinner.  We crawl into a little tent where there are tables and benches (it's raining out) and I dig into my sliced sausage with fries, mayo, and house made ketchup sprinkled in curry powder with glee.  It is so simple and so good.  It's also where Anthony Bourdain got his currywurst in No Reservations!

Back at my brother's place we manage to go through a bottle of Pimms mixed with lemonade, a bag of Bloody Mary chips (a glorified ketchup chip) and peanut brittle. 

Saturday, February 25

My first (and only) full day in Berlin!  We sleep in then take off for a late brunch at a place called Chipps.  We both order cappucinos and fresh orange juice, and I get a "Morning After", a spinach, tomato and mushroom omelette.  It's paper thin, buttery, and served with a beautiful side salad.

We explore the main strip of West Berlin and stop in the department store Ka De Wei to check out their champagne bars on the top floor.  This floor makes me so happy- everything from bars where you can sit and eat crepes, fresh lobster or bouillabase, cheese stands, produce stands, specialty foods galore, and of course, the champagne bars.

We stop at Moët & Chandon stand and I have a glass of the pink champagne as well as their nectar champagne, which we both fall in love with.  It tastes like it has a drop of natural honey in it.  Perfectly light and sweet without being too sugary.

Afterwards we walk around East Berlin, stop for a cappucino, and walk to Galleries Lafayette to see if they carry Pierre Herme macarons.  They don't,so we decide to stop for another glass of champagne at their Moët & Chandon stand. How come department stores in Canada don't have champagne stands? 

In the evening we go over to my friend Shirin's apartment.  She's such a gem.  We drink some Pimms and more champagne before my brother and I take off for a late dinner at a steak house nearby.

At a very German "Brooklyn Steakhouse" I order a roquefort salad (my favourite blue cheese), which comes out on little beds of iceberg lettuce with minced bacon and the creamiest sauce I've ever eaten.  I can't stop thinking about it.

For my main I make the mistake of ordering the grilled foie gras even though you should always order steak in a steak house.  Luckily I also ordered their duck fat fries which are thin cut and perfectly crispy.

We also drink Comtes de Champagne with dinner, which our waiter tells us is what James Bond drinks in the original movies.  He even puts on the theme song.  It's buttery, light and indulgent.  You might have noticed I eat and drink like a king with my brother.  He takes good care of me.

After dinner my brother coerces me into going clubbing.  We walk around for a long time trying to find a club and I drink more Club Mate to stay awake.  By the time we find somewhere we last around 20 minutes before we go home to eat chocolate and he makes the best cheesy scrambled eggs I've ever eaten in my life.  It's now around 3 a.m.

Sunday, February 26

Last day in Berlin!  Exhausted we stop for cappucinos before my flight and I order a yogurt bowl.  At the airport I hug my brother goodbye and fly to Heathrow.

It's a quick and stressful layover in Heathrow. I buy British mints and Ribena.  Board plane to Toronto.  On the plane I drink a tomato juice then am served a gluten-free chicken paella, bun and salad.  Dinner before we land is a gluten-free sandwich with salmon, cream cheese and cucumber.  Not too shabby.

John picks me up at the airport and we arrive home just in time for the Oscars!  I make two big bowls of popcorn: one with hot sauce and butter, one traditional with butter and salt.  John also pulls out some Green & Blacks milk chocolate so  I eat several squares of that.

Fall into bed happy and full.

What does a week of eats look like for you?  Does it change all of the time for you?

Stay tuned for more re-caps from Berlin!