Prepping for the Work Week

What do you like to pack for lunch? lunch

For the majority of my life I've hated lunch. In elementary school, my mother lovingly packed sandwiches, but I always preferred picking out the meat and cheese and eating my friend's cookies. In high school, our cafeteria served watery pasta and I often found myself digging into my second chocolate chip muffin of the day or trying to leave early so that I could make a proper lunch at home.

After high school I experienced the rushed lunches while working retail, sneaking food into university classes, and shovelling whatever I could into my mouth while waiting tables.

These days my job allows time for a proper lunch - even though it's often eaten while fielding emails at my desk.  But I am still always looking for ways to make the experience more pleasurable.  So I plan to succeed.

This Sunday I'm especially organized.  I've slow cooked and shredded chicken, washed fresh berries, prepared salads, cut up vegetables, sliced avocados, bagged almonds and cashews, and organized my fridge lovingly.


This way when I wake at 5 a.m. and get ready to run out the door, I save myself a headache. And give myself more time to brew a strong cup of tea or coffee.


And it means that with the right ingredients on hand, I can make myself love filled salads at work like the one I enjoyed for dinner tonight.


Ideas I'm loving:

 How do you prepare for the work week?  What's your go-to lunch?