Springing into Spring

As you may have noticed, I prefer a glass of bubbly and a generous serving of foie gras over a Lean Cuisine and a glass of water any day.

Afterall, I'm an advocate of real food and the girl who ate everything.

The theme of this winter was bacon and bubbly.  We ignored snow stores warm in our apartment with delicious food and our glasses full and I've loved every minute of it.

And now, Spring has sprung, and I'm having strong urges to run outside, sip fresh smoothies, and whip up beautiful salads to eat on our balcony.

I'm also thinking: I'm getting married in around five months, and I want to feel healthy and vibrant on the big day.  Do I want to lose weight?  Nah.  Do I want to look sexy, healthy, glowing and beautiful?  Hell yes.

The problem is, the idea of sticking to one strict plan or regimen is terribly unsexy to me.  I want to share delicious recipes with you on this site as well as be a healthy role model for other young woman, so any extreme wont do.

I know my strengths: being creative and making healthy food taste good.  With that in mind, I came up with my own plan:

  • 3 balanced meals that include protein and 2 healthy snacks a day
  • Increase water intake, herbal teas and green teas
  • Limit sugar to worthy indulgences, cut back on sugary sauces and drinks
  • Avoid processed foods and diet sodas - instead eat real food and fresh juices
  • Enjoy coffee and dark chocolate on the weekends (They keep me up at night during the work week)
  • Limit to 3 alcoholic drinks a week (I love drinking, but I do not love hangovers.  3 drinks is my perfect limit and I need to learn to stick to it for my own happiness).
  • Exercise for 30 minutes a day.  This can be anything: a gentle walk, weights, cardio, dance, running or yoga. Limiting my routine to one thing becomes uninspiring too easily.
  • Try new videos/workouts and see a personal trainer to learn more about weight lifting
  • Eat a lot of sexy foods: avocado, coconut oil, kale, sprouts, spinach, celery (All natural and beautifying)

Basically I want to spring into Spring with an abundance of energy and walk down the aisle (or to the mayor's office in my case) feeling fresh.

And what better way to welcome this beautiful weather with fresh food and getting outside in the sunshine?

I want to share my healthy recipes with you, and if you're interested, speak to some experts about keeping a vibrant lifestyle.

A warrior has to be strong if she wants to go into battle.

In the meantime, you can check out some of my favourite healthy recipes on Healthy, Tasty, Cheap:

What's your favourite way to spring into Spring?

Stay tuned for my re-cap of my Persian New Year feast!