What I'm Loving This Weekend

1. This song: 2. Danielle's post on living in the moment.

3. This TED talk on the power of introverts. The way she describes her family sitting around reading is the way my family is with our computers. Because I'm not shy not everyone would guess I'm an introvert. But like many introverts I enjoy the company of others but I need a lot of time to be alone and recharge. Which is exactly why I have a weekend date with my kitchen and a pile of books.


4. The idea of making all of these gin cocktails this weekend.  The Aviator is a variation of my favourite - the Last Word.

5. The amount of chocolate in my fridge at the moment.  Thank you pre-Easter Lindt sales.

 *Also be sure to check out the best of Paris - my feature on Danielle's Plates from Around the World!