Recipe Planning

I love cookbooks. I keep some in my kitchen in Toronto, some stored away in Vancouver, and others with my parents in France.


But I have another collection of recipes that I find all over that I like to keep track off.  My recipe binder helps with that.

binder I have photo copies from borrowed recipe books...binder Recipes from magazines like LCBO's Food and Wine... binder Recipes from my favourite blogs...binder From cooking classes... recipe binder And more.  But sometimes I wing it with recipes and get lucky...(it also helps me create new recipes for Healthy, Tasty, Cheap)

asparagus and bean dip

*For a simple bean dip blend white beans, herbs, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  Serve with blanched asparagus, cherry tomatoes and crackers.

Some great ideas for recipe planning:

Personally, I keep grocery lists on the notepad in my iPhone and keep a whiteboard on my fridge to organize the week's meals.  For inspiration I go to my recipe binder, my books, food blogs or the market!

How do you plan recipes and meals?