Cherry Blossom Weekend

Oh weekends, you never last long enough. Something in the air is shifting. Over lunch on Sunday, my friend Marisa orders a cherry blossom smoothie and says "I feel like a cherry blossom".

She is glowing. The sun outside is shining and after lunch we find ourselves looking through a row of flower shops and I want to buy every bouquet to fill my apartment with the same beauty I see outside.

As the cold weather leaves Toronto, I am warming up to everything. I am more comortable in my skin, more grateful for every day, and looking forward for all of the days and events to come.

I feel opportunity in the air. I feel the young woman in me growing and learning as I decided to allow her to still be figuring it out.

These days I spend more time with my head in a book or scribbling in my sketchbook, and finally, writing. The more I do this, the more it clicks.

I need to live a creative life. I need to keep creating, to put myself in beautiful places and search for inspiration. That way I too, can bloom like a cherry blossom.

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