Montreal: Part Deux

Summertime in the city. I tossed and turn all Saturday night.  The heat of summer filled the apartment.

I also learned that the walls here are paper thin, as are the blinds over the windows.

At one point in the night I went to the bathroom and saw a head through the window.  This made my heart stop for a moment.  Was the head looking at me?  Was I overreacting?  The apartment has a shared balcony, and even though I have yet to meet my neighbour, I sometimes hear him outside.

I pulled the shower curtain straight across to block the window.  The moment startled me and I barely slept all night.  I'm embarrassed that this even bothered me, but there's a vulnerability that comes with being alone.  It was also the heat, the cappuccinos drank during the day, and the dark chocolate I ate before bed.  My eyes would not stay shut.

In the morning hours I drifted off and woke up with my body melting.  I hopped into the shower, ate breakfast, and took off for a long morning stroll.

There is something so wonderful about walking through a city in the morning.  I walked through different neighbourhoods and watched cafes slowly fill up.  Men and young boys in full Hasidic Jewish costume walked with purpose, books in hand.

I purposely got lost and admired large detailed brick houses in a well to do neighbourhood.  Once I found my way again, I picked up some fresh bagels to take home and some snacks for the train then made my way back to the apartment.

I had a quick lunch then headed to my sunny day destination: Bota Bota, spa sur l'eau.  Whenever I'm walking around in the heat I dream of being by the water, so I did some research, and found this bath spa on an old boat down by the docks.

It was somewhat unreal.  Ultra modern, with three floors of hot and cold baths, sauna and steam rooms, and spots to sit outside.  I did one bath circuit then lounged myself on a chair in the sun and soaked it all up.  Pure decadence.


I left a couple of hours later with a serious sunburn feeling pretty relaxed.

My next destination was a street laden with wedding dress stores that had been recommended to me.  I tried on a few dresses, finding myself on the second floor of a store filled with giant poofy dresses telling the woman "Je suis minimaliste."

I left empty handed.  Got a little more lost.  And eventually headed to my apartment to slather myself in aloe vera and pour myself a cold glass of rose.  I enjoyed some smoked salmon, blue cheese, and a beautiful salad laden with all of my favourite things.

I ended the night with a movie set in Montreal, a fan directed at my bed, and the air conditioner on full blast.

Today, I take the train home.  Inspired, revived, and sunburned.

Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal Montreal