Montreal: Part Un

I took a train to Montreal on Friday. I arrived in the evening and grabbed a cab to the apartment.  My cab driver was polite and sincere and made me happy to be in this city.

The young woman renting me the apartment met me at the door and showed me around. The apartment is small, cozy, and reminds me a lot of the old houses in France with the minimalist layout and old wood.  I love it.

I slept like a log, and when I woke up by the sun, walked down the street to the Jean Talon market before the crowds took over.

I roamed the aisles, admired the bounty of summer fruit and flowers, stocked up on some produce and gorgeous raw goat cheese (blue for me, soft goat cheese to take home to my amour).  Vendors yelled at each other, the sun broke through, and I was happy to be speaking French again.

What a beautiful language. When asking what you want, people ask you "Qu'est-ce sue vous desirez?" When asking if you like something, they say "Ca vous plait?" Did it please you? I love a language that speaks love and poetry so effortlessly.

Back at the apartment I mastered the espresso maker.  Two cappuccinos with cream it was.  Parfait.

I spent all of Saturday walking.  I walked, and walked, and walked.  I loved every moment of it.  I picked up some wonderful chocolate, drank wine on a patio, tried on beautiful clothes and indulged in my solo adventures. I fell asleep that night with my legs literally throbbing in pain.

The point of this trip, not that I need one, was to fulfill my desire to get away on my own.

There is nothing I love more than sharing moments and adventures with my man, but before I met him I spent a lot of my life travelling and doing things on my own.  It was a huge part in my youth and the young woman I am today.

He understands this, as well as my introvert wanderlust urges, and encourages me to live the life I dream of.  I am so happy this is the man I'm marrying.

If I could give any piece of advice to young women figuring it out (as I still am), it would be to travel and to write.  This advice is personal and has a  lot to do with the woman who raised me, but it has also been the finest education and source of inspiration throughout my life.

So here I am, Montreal.  Feeling bien dans ma peau, and very happy to be here.

Now I've got a glass of chilled rosé and some blue cheese to attend to.

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