The Power Plant Gallery celebrated its 25th anniversary last night with "Power Ball: Quarter-Life Crisis". Extremely appropriate for this time in my life, the annual ball's theme this year was all about the joys and inner turmoil of turning 25.  This was celebrated all over the Power Plant's space with art, sculptures, film and performances.

The Power Plant is Canada’s leading public gallery devoted exclusively to contemporary visual art.  I have always wanted to attend this event after catering it years ago and being completely enamoured with the wild decor, outfits and abundance of beautifully presented food.  So when my friend Ashleigh asked me to go a few hours before the event, I put my stress aside and said "yes".

You're only 25 once, right?

Powerball Wild roses all over the bar Powerball Quotes on the quarter life crisis Kobo tree Powerball Asheligh and I  Powerball Hugo Boss 3D glasses Powerball Drawing on a car Powerball Bison rib fresh off the spit Powerball Pop Chips galore - not real food - but perfect junk after a martini Powerball

All in all it was a super fun evening that reminded me I should be having a little more fun at this time in my life.  Less stress, more art, more time spent with good friends, and much more living in the moment is in order.