Some Weeks Call for Pizza

Growing up my family loved pizza. We either ordered pepperoni with peppers and feta cheese, an incredible chicken pizza with shaved potato slices, or we made our own.

We would buy our dough from the grocery store, flatten it out on our big pizza pan, and top it with everything we could find on hand.  Usually a combination of pepperoni, feta, and a ton of vegetables.  Friday night was pizza and movie night and all of my friends envied our big gourmet pizzas and selection of movies.

One time I was allowed to make my own pizza, and as I slid the dough onto the tray I created a big mountain of dough.  Rather than toss it out, we baked the pizza, deemed it "Gigi's Mountain Pizza" and it ended up being one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten.

This week has been long, stressful, and trying.  I've had a lot of big decisions to make, a few too many drinks with friends, and more than a few tears.  (Fit June was definitely pushed to the side as I focused all of my energy on figuring things out and having a bit of fun in the meantime.)

Saturday, all I wanted to do was order a pizza and watch movies.  Total comfort food stemming from some of my favourite childhood memories.


So we ordered the one pizza in the city I'll trust to be delivered to my door the way I like it.  Gluten-free crust, organic chicken, bbq sauce, asiago, portabello mushrooms and prime quality bacon make up my favourite slice at Toronto's Magic Oven.  This pizza is not cheap, but as someone who eats pizza maybe once or twice a year, it's totally worth it.

I love the thin rice crust, the tangy bbq tomato sauce and the high quality ingredients.  We generally order a large pizza and share it over the day.  It's filling, delicious, and ultimately comforting.