Sunday Prep Day

What's a wine and pizza loving gal to do to balance out her weeks? Do a big healthy grocery haul and some work week haul After last week's indulgences I wanted to make a point of eating balanced meals all week and fueling some good workouts. I also wanted to make it as easy possible. So I picked up some time savers like these baby hummus packs. I would normally make my own, but thought I'd give it a try this time around. grocery haul I was also elated to find these mini olive oil and blasamic packs for salads. I have always stocked up on little bottles of these at the Bon Marche Epicerie in Paris because they're so much better than you're usual packaged dressings and great for a picnic, lunch, or in a pinch. grocery haul For my milk and eggs, I stocked up on my favourite Greek yogurt, almond milk, whole eggs as well as egg whites to prep a bunch of my spicy egg white muffins. grocery haul I picked up this brown rice pasta for dinner - total perfection served on top of a bed of baby kale, tossed in a rich bolognese, and topped with crushed chili peppers and cracked peppers.  I had seconds. grocery haul Token grocery items - my favourite salsas. These both have great minimal ingredients and the salsa verde brings a little bite of Mexican heaven to my tortillas, shredded chicken salads, and eggs. If you haven't tried this on your morning eggs get on it.

grocery haul As much as I like buying my seafood fresh, some moments call for ease, and these defrosted and marinaded make an easy weeknight salad.

grocery haul I did a huge prep this Sunday.  Along with my egg muffins, I made up a bunch of haul Cut up all our veggies (more to come in my CSA on Wednesday!) haul Made up a big batch of these savoury chicken muffins.  Yes I am the muffin man. grocery haul And made up a batch my favourite simple shredded chicken. chicken There you have it, weekly meals made easy! Do you do a food prep for the week?