Berlin Part 3: Food & Drink

What a week.  I'm a little tired, a little hungover and very dehydrated - but damn I feel good. I have yet to tell you about the food in Berlin.  We ate like kings and drank like the dangerous Irish duo that we are.

We had steak frites 5/7 nights, which is a new record for me.  We drank G&Ts, Champagne and German Riesling in great bars and restaurants around town.  A little too much, maybe, but I'll never die saying "I just wish I had drank more Champagne in my life."

The cappuccinos in the city were dreamy.  Great coffee shops could be found on any block, with gorgeous espresso machines and gorgeous baristas to match.

We drank flat whites and ate perfect bacon and eggs at the New Zealand coffee shop down the street.  They heat their plates so your eggs stay warm through every bite, and the bacon is perfectly crispy.

I am still full and feeling gluttonous but a joie de vivre has been reignited and the lush in me is grinning devilishly.

I discovered I really like my steak bleeding on the plate, and I prefer my Champagne extra dry.  I also discovered that yes, you can have too much Champagne ("Good morning pounding headache!")

Now there is water to drink and vegetables to eat but I will re-create some of our Berlin feasts soon.

I started by making Thai curry for my parents last night and will continue with steak and duck fat potatoes and maybe even a house currywurst.


Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin

Here is a rough journal of our eats out...

Friday- Rocket salad with with bacon/Filet mignon and potatoes at Filet Stuck/Colette Brut Reserve Saturday- Antipodes bacon and eggs brunch/Room service steak frites at Soho House/Ferrari Champagne Sunday- Hendricks G&Ts/Grill Royale Kobe steak with sweet potato and regular fries and garlic butter Monday- Dom Perignon at champagne bar/Cha Cha Thai curry/Sashimi at Dudu Tuesday-German Riesling/Japanese tapas at dos palillos Weds- Esras Middle Eastern lunch/Brooklyn steak house filet mignon with various sides/Currywurst/Dom Perignon Thurs- Steak and Rocket salad at hotel/German Riesling Fri- Antipodes brunch

Stay tuned for a Best Bites of Berlin full re-cap and guide!  See my Paris bites here