Blind Wine Tasting

Last night we gathered friends in the village for a blind wine tasting. wine tasting

Since we live in a village surrounded by vineyards, choosing one white and one red wine for the family dinner is a huge challenge.

I've already worked hard to find the perfect sparkling wine for our aperitif.  It was hard work, drinking glass after glass, but I took it on like a true wine warrior.

Last night we tested mostly red wines and a couple of whites.

My creative mother who has a sharp eye for detail put together our voting stations.  Six wines in jugs all labeled with a coloured dot that matched our ballots.

wine tasting

We quietly (I had trouble keeping my mouth shut) sipped and took notes on each of the six wines.

Some wines were swirled, tasted, then dumped, while the obvious winners were fully drunk.

We also had a beautiful spread of food.  Melon with proscuitto, devilled eggs, hummus, a vegetable tray...

wine tasting

I contributed Thai chicken skewers with a peanut sauce.

wine tasting

I was surprised that after all of the tasting, the six of us came up with one very clear winner: gold! I knew there had to be one sport where I could take home the gold...

wine tasting

The fun part was having my mom unveil which wines were which.

wine tasting

Turns out our least favourite was one of the most expensive, and our favourite was one we had predicted. Win!

The only problem is we didn't love either of the white wines, so obviously we still have some work to do...