Scribblings from my Journal in Berlin

Be the person you want to be. Be fearless, be brave, be honest and understanding.

Fight the expectations and normalcy of life.  Travel, do yoga, drink wine, walk miles and learn how to ride a bike.  Allow others to love me as I am.

Be adventurous.

Wear what you want, not what is appropriate or even flattering but what feels good.  Bring back the best of different eras.

Take a road trip, get a tan, live off the land.  Fresh fruit and wine from the bottle.

Make no excuses.

We all make mistakes and if we're smart we will learn from them.  Not always the first time, but eventually.

True beauty is effortless and you are not letting yourself go by not giving into unreachable standards set by people who want to make money.

Let your hair grow and your skin breathe.

Smile.  Accept yourself.  It's sexy and it feels good.