Traveling with a Gluten Allergy

It's day 2 of being bed ridden. Stomach problems, nausea, fatigue, mental fogginess...I've been glutened!

Avoiding gluten at home is difficult, and even more so when traveling. It's easier being here with my parents.  They are kind enough to cut bread on a separate board and avoid any kind of gluten in preparing meals we'll share as a family.


Me as a young girl bringing out breakfast in France!

I still have to be careful.  No jam, peanut butter, or cheese that's been cut into with a bread knife.  I have to pay careful attention to what I order off of a restaurant menu.  I have to be careful to dissect of labels before eating anything from a package.

The other night we popped some bubbly when my parents returned from a jazz festival and I opened a bag of potato chips to tie us over while I made dinner.  Potato chips are my weakness, especially when paired with a drink, so I happily dug in!

I didn't look closely at the bag to see there was "traces de gluten" listed in the ingredients. The culprit!

Tomorrow I leave for Berlin and I want to be extra careful as I don't want to waste a day in bed there. My game plan?

  • Stick to safe dishes I know contain no gluten
  • Ask and warn waiters about my allergy
  • Eat like a purist - careful with any type of sauce or coating
  • Find a local health food store to get gluten-free breakfast goods
  • Read menus very carefully
  • When in doubt...don't eat it!

I always find this extremely challenging when traveling as I like to eat everything and hate putting up a fuss.  I want to try all local delicacies and be adventurous with my food.

I was happy on my last trip to Berlin when I tried currywurst and had no negative reaction.  While some sausage is made with gluten products, the one I tried obviously wasn't and I got away safe.

I want to try so many more local dishes but have to watch myself.

Do you have any food allergies?  What are your trips for traveling?

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