Chobani Barre Works

The other day I was looking into classes at Barre Works when an email from Chobani popped into my inbox. I was invited to spend a night at Barre Works with Chobani for a Bootcamp workout.

It felt meat to be, especially after the wonderful evening I had with them last time.

Chobani Barre works

So last night I wiggled into my best spandex and headed up to Queen Street West to join a big group of bloggers for a serious ass kicking.

Chobani Barre works

I was so happy to find Morgan was there.  We teamed up side by side at the bar and prepared ourselves for what was ahead of us.

Morgan hasn't been able to work out for weeks due to a concussion, and I've barely worked out in months due to drinking wine and getting married in France.  I know, I know, I feel bad for me too.

Chobani Barre works

The trainer they brought over from New York was awesome.  She trains athletes, is a fitness competitor, and was full of amazing energy.

She didn't let me get away with slacking on any moves and was so sweet that I couldn't hate her for it.

It was not a traditional Barre workout, but boy did we get our sweat on.

I was pretty proud of all of us by the end of it.

Chobani Barre works

We were rewarded with a decadent parfait bar, as well as smoothies and other hors d'oeuvres featuring Chobani.

Since Chobani greek yogurt is the perfect post-workout snack (right ratio of protein to carbs, as explained by the trainer), I fuelled up on a jar topped with berries, dates and walnuts.  Fine, two jars.  And one to take home.

Chobani Barre works

As Morgan said "We shut dow the CHO bar."

The highlight of the night was standing around talking with Lindsay from Chobani, Morgan, Lindsey from Happy or Hungry, and Stephanie.

These women are tons of fun and all seem to love food just as much as I do.

May I suggest a yogurt parfait date some weekend ladies?

Chobani Barre works

I left with a generous goodie bag, a big smile on my face, and a big jar of yogurt in my purse.