Life's Race

I finished my race. I reached my goal of beating my time two years ago as well as raising more money.

Running a race is a lot like life.  You have to reach far out of your comfort zone to reach your goal.

There were times in the run when I just wanted to stop and rest.  And then someone would hold out a sign from the sidelines that inspired me a little, or the right song would come on, or I'd think of loved ones lost, or the person I want to become, and my eyes would tear up and I'd keep running.

It was pissing rain the entire time.  Still, I pulled off my long sleeve jacket and pounded through the puddles and it felt so damn great to be alive.  Even when I felt like hell, I felt amazing.

Life is a struggle.  I'm not going to lie.  A lot of times I want to give up.  But when I think of all it has to offer I realize I might as well give it my all and see what happens.

After my race I grabbed a coffee and walked home alone, soaking wet, cold, tired and happy.

While in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't a marathon, it was a huge step for me.  I accomplished something.

I woke up the next day in the worst pain of my life.  I could hardly walk.

If we're looking at running as a metaphor for life, even the things that bring us the biggest joy can hurt us the most.

But if you let yourself rest, repair, and remember that tomorrow is a new day, you'll be fine.