Pushing Forward in Life

I love early mornings. I brew a cup of cardamom tea, add some almond milk and honey, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and take some time to myself.

Lately, in these quiet moments, I have been looking at the bigger picture.  Where do I want my life to go?  What will really make me happy?  What small changes can I do now to build a stable foundation for the rest of my life?

Yesterday I was watching Gabrielle Bernstein's vlog and this prayer resonated with me:

The Serenity Prayer: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

However you interpret God in this doesn't matter.  For me it is a reminder to pause, look at a situation, and mindfully decide what to do with it.  To trust my intuition.

Life is so precious and I fear it slipping away from me without accomplishing all of the things I want to.  Lately I am reminding myself to live in the moment, but I am also trying to thoughtfully set goals that I know will enrich my life.

  • Before 2013: Publish my Paris guide in ebook form

Action plan: Continue working with my mom on the editing process and plug away at it in my spare time.  Go to coffee shops on the weekend and keep at it.


  • Spring/Summer 2013: Learn how to drive

Action plan: Save up for the Young Drivers of Canada course over the winter and complete it come Spring/Summer. quote

  • Winter 2012/2013: Do more charity work

Action plan: Get in touch with Second Harvest, Dress for Success or a women's shelter to find a way that I can help.


  • Winter 2012/2013: Film more videos

Action plan: Replace the batteries on my camera and get out there more.  Pair up with friends who would like videos as well.  Once it gets going, aim to do one well done video a month.


  • Starting now: Get into the best shape of my life

Action plan: Do some form of workout 5 times a week.  Try to do a class or structured workout at least once a week.  Keep it fun and interesting.  Get outside as much as possible.  Fill my diet with nutrient dense food and limit alcohol and sugar.