Ready to Run

I have never been an athlete. In elementary school I tried every sport.  Gymnastics, swimming, dance, volleyball, basketball, track and name it.  I was not built to be athletic but I liked being with my friends and trying new things.

The track and field coach told my mom one day "Gillian's not a very good runner, but she's really fun to be around."


I would still classify myself as more of a nerd than an athlete.  I like staying healthy but you'll usually find me eating healthy food while crouched over my computer or a good book rather than pumping iron at the gym.

But as I get older I am learning not to doubt myself or my abilities.  I enjoy a good challenge and feel empowered every time I step outside of my comfort zone.  My love of health is extending to a love of fitness and I'm trying not to let my insecurities hold me back.

Preparing for this 5k over the past few weeks has given me strength.  I have something bigger than myself to run for.  I want to raise money for charity and be a part of something.

The other morning my friend Alex joined me for a morning run.  As we got close to my apartment on the way back she said "You are so ready for this."  It was all I needed to hear.

I rewarded her with an oatmeal bar.  I highly recommend this if you'd like to seduce someone to run outside with you on a freezing cold Fall morning.

I cooked up a batch of wheat-free oats with milled flax and chia stirred in and lined up the following: hemp seeds, chia and flax, maple syrup, goji berries, almond butter, peanut butter, jam, coconut, cashews, cranberries, stevia and some ripe bananas.

We made up some gorgeous looking bowls, curled up on the sofa, and caught up on each others lives.

Tomorrow I run.  For charity, for my dad who will be 66 and inspires me with his passion for health and exercise, and for myself.

If you'd like to donate to Second Harvest and help feed those in need, please donate here