A Dream Come True

Last night a dream came true. I was on Food Network.

Some of you may remember when I auditioned for Recipe to Riches and got a golden ticket.

Even though I didn't move to the top three, they did like my recipe and consider me.  I was honoured to be chosen out of the thousands across the country who submitted their recipe to even go in front of the judges.

Last night, as I snuggled into my sofa, this came onto my screen.

My sexy chocolate bacon bites!  A little later, my 5 seconds of fame.

You can find the clip here and me from 1:56-2:03 .

One friend and reader on Twitter caught me, and another on instagram grabbed a screen shot.  My night was made!

It may be 5 seconds, but it's one thing of my bucket list.  I've been on Food Network.

The next basic step is to get my own show, right?

Thanks for all of your love and support.  That short little moment made my whole heart sing.

TVGillian Young38 Comments