Personal Health Goals

A while back I wrote about my personal goals.  

These included publishing my book, doing more charity work, and getting into the best shape of my life.

While all of these things are coming to fruition, the past few months I've worn myself and my body out with stress and need to recharge.

I'm at a point in my life where I've finally accepted that health is a journey.  That used to piss me off. I wanted to follow a set of food rules and feel amazing, or party hard and suffer the consequences.  That never worked.

Life requires balance in all areas, as well as proper nutrition for our own bodies and lifestyles.

I am currently reading Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' and she points out that most nutrition books are written by somebody who has overcome an illness and had to work out a system for their own healing.  While this worked for them, and can work for some others, there is no good system for everybody's body.

There's always a hesitation in sharing my own health goals because they are so personal and constantly changing.  At the same time I like to share them in the hope that it will inspire you to create your own, or that maybe it will strike a cord with something you can relate to.

When it comes to finding balance it's important to know when to step off your platform, find out what your doing wrong, and climb back on with more strength and confidence.

I highly recommend speaking to a nutritionist or health specialist to help assess your own goals.

Here are my own:

  • Balance hormones and repair adrenals

I am suffering from adrenal fatigue.   I can't live my life feeling like this and am eager to recover and to get rid of these symptoms.  I have spoken to professionals and am educating myself as much as possible.  So far my plan includes high quality vitamins, sea salt, protein at every meal, and keeping my blood sugar balanced by eating balanced meals and snacks regularly.  No sugar, plenty of whole grains, high quality protein, nuts, seeds and vegetables.  In addition I want to include daily meditation, positive thinking and journaling.

  • Improve posture

I have lordosis which leads to bad posture really easily.  I'd like to schedule my first visit to a chiropractor and get massages more regularly.

  • Build more muscle

I am avoiding anything too high intensity at the moment to regulate my body.  My game plan is to keep incorporating limited strength training, yoga, pilates and rebounding into my routine when my energy permits.

  • Be my own personal Chef

I am on a mission to enjoy my food more.  I want to prepare the kind of meals for myself that I would make for someone else.  Take time to make every meal, sit at the table when possible, and savour my food.  I have always found this improves my quality of life and health.

What are your personal health goals?