There are times I feel very selfish. I believe in taking a lot of time for myself to think, to heal, and to find creative inspiration.

I am very blessed to have this right now.  Some days I feel guilty, and almost ashamed, then I remind myself that by taking care of myself and following my dreams I help give permission for others to do the same.  By allowing myself to be vulnerable and admit this, I take the shame out of it.

In my heart I know that I have worked hard to create this reality and that is key to my being.

We must create the reality we want for ourselves.

I read this quote the other day and it helped put things into perspective:

‎"When you have what you want (inner peace), you are less distracted by your wants, needs, desires, and concerns. It's thus easier to concentrate, focus, achieve your goals, and to give back to others." - Richard Carlson

When things are out of synch in my life I become very needy.  I am emotionally needy, needy for material things, and overly concerned with every minor detail.

This is not true to myself and doesn't help me give back to others in the way I know that I need to.

I took a moment today, after a little self reflection, and deleted a wish list I created of things that I wanted.  As soon as I did it I felt a release.

I focused on what I really needed, did some writing, rested, and then went for a long walk in the rain.

Now I'm doing a favour to my soul by focusing on gratitude.

What I'm grateful for at this moment:

  1. To be able to come home
  2. To have time to work on creative projects
  3. To be able to rest and repair
  4. My loving family
  5. Time with my mom and dad
  6. My supportive friends
  7. A warm bed to sleep in
  8. Nourishing food
  9. The comfort of tradition 
  10. Becoming more connected to myself spiritually
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What are you grateful for today?