A Ladies Guide to Drinking like a Gentleman

Skip the sugary drinks - Gentleman don't drink cosmos.  Try a Negroni, a Last Word, or a Manhattan.  You'll drink a little bit slower, cut your hangover in half and double your class. If you can afford it, buy your ladies drinks - Gentlemen pick up the tab when they can.  If you've got the extra cash, buy a lady a drink.  There's something empowering on both ends to cut this tradition and show your love for your fellow woman.  A female bartender bought my girlfriend and I drinks the other night and it left us beaming.

Gentlemen don't get sloppy - Keg stands and slurred words are for frat boys, not gentlemen.  Keep within your drink limit where you can still be coherent, charming, and having a good time.

Never drink through a straw - The only drinks that need straws are pina coladas, which you shouldn't be ordering anyways.

Slow sip the good stuff - Splurge on a good whiskey, the better gin, and your favourite vodka.  Don't add a splash of coke, just slow sip and make it last.

Splurge on good Champagne - Some cheap bubbly is totally doable and perfect for a casual dinner party.  But once and a while, go for the Dom.  The taste is exquisite but the act itself feels like a celebration of life.



What is your beverage of choice?