Clean: Day 16

I have completed over 2 weeks of the Clean Program. I'm so glad I chose to jump into this program when I did.  I was in need of some serious mental clarity and rejuvenation and it has given me just that.

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Like with most things in life, I have been adjusting the rules of the program where needed.  Some nights I sub my smoothies for big protein pumpkin puddings or add one in after dinner to keep me satisfied.  I tweak where necessary and don't sweat the small stuff.

I've been making sure to keep a big bag of trail mix in my desk at work and plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand at all times.  My goal is not to go hungry or feel deprived in any way.  It's cold outside, flu season is in full force, and I want to feel healthy and balanced.

What am I loving most about the program?  My fridge is full of fruits and vegetables, I crave big salads, my juicer is finally getting some action, I have tons of energy, I feel more immune to winter sickness, and I feel really good mentally.  Being forced to sit with my feelings rather than reach for chocolate or a glass of wine is also sometimes a good thing.

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What am I not liking about the program?  As I mentioned before, the social side is tricky.  I love going out for dinner, meeting friends for drinks, and cooking for others.  I am forced to get creative with my get togethers but sometimes back out of things if I know it will be impossible to stick to the plan.  I also sometimes crave a warm meal rather than a smoothie/juice/cold soup in the evenings.

What has surpised me about the program?  It's not at all restrictive.  I'm eating plenty, feeling great, and really liking this style of eating for the most part.  I also love the ease of blending or juicing for a quick meal.

What would I do differently next time?  I would definitely consider doing this program again, maybe later this year or again next January.  If funds permit I'd love to include some massages and infrared saunas to ease the detox process.  I'd also consider doing it with a big group of friends so that we can all get together for smoothie suppers!

Favourite recipes I've come up with?  My staple green juice with kale, green apple, cucumber, lemon and ginger is always a winner.  As for smoothies I really love the combination of frozen blueberries, Acai, carob, almond milk and chocolate protein powder.  Might sound unusual but it's delicious.  On cold nights I'm really digging a carob hot chocolate with a touch of molasses, ginger and pumpkin puree as a treat before bed.

Is it cost effective?  In some ways yes and in other ways no.  I'm not buying meat, dairy or any processed foods which helps cut back a lot.  At the same time I am spending a lot more than I expected on supplements, organic produce, spices, herbs and teas.  Still, it could definitely be done cheaper if you were to carefully shop Farmer's Markets and buy in bulk.

That's all for now, I'll check in again at the end of the cleanse with a full re-cap!