Clean: Day 7

I have completed the first seven days of the Clean Program and feel like a better version of myself. Taking a break from stimulants like coffee, alcohol and sugar has had a really positive affect on my body and mind.  I'm getting more rest, dealing with emotions logically, and my overall perspective is improving.


I have been making adjustments where necessary.  I've been adding in as many healthy snacks as needed, enjoying a big salad for dinner with friends instead of a smoothie, and eating a couple items off of the don't eat list when it slips my mind (delicious fire roasted red peppers were yesterday's culprit if you must know).

But for the most part, my day starts and ends with a nutritional powerhouse shake or juice, and is filled with really great live foods.  I'm happy to say that my love for fruits and vegetables have returned and my body is thankful.


Beyond the mental clarity I have noticed my skin has cleared up and my energy has sky rocketed.  Some nights I sleep very deeply, but even the nights where I only manage 4-5 hours of rest I still wake up feeling great and have no desire to reach for a hot cup of coffee.

The only issue I have with the cleanse is the social limitations.  I'm learning to work around it, but I hate turning down a dinner or drinks invite because I'm detoxing.  On the bright side I'm learning that not all social situations need to revolve around wine and food and have still been having a great time with friends.

I will also be having a Champagne party when all is said and done.


Have a wonderful week.  I'll check back in at the end of week two with another Clean update!