Dear 21-year-old Self

  1. You are beautiful.  You rarely feel that way in the moment, and at 26 you still often won't, but try to see it now.
  2. You will learn to love and to be vulnerable one day.  Yes it will fuck you over like you're afraid it will but it's the only way that you will learn and grow as a person.
  3. Your travel addiction is a good thing.  See as much of the world as you can on whatever budget you have.  You will always be broke because when you're not traveling you spend your money on other things to make you happy.  You never really liked material things anyway, so you might as well get some more life experience.
  4. Cherish your friendships.  Stop going years without calling your old friends and telling them you love them.
  5. In general, tell people you love them more.
  6. You will regret the nights you stayed in more than the mornings you woke up with pounding vodka hangovers.
  7. You will miss school.  Never stop learning and asking questions.
  8. You are smarter than you think you are.
  9. Stop assuming people don't like you.  Sometimes you're intimidating and often it doesn't matter.  Just be yourself.
  10. Call your mom more.


Inspired by Oprah and this lady.

Note to self: you're only 26.  A lot of this still applies.