The Clean Basics

If you're considering doing the Clean Program I whole heartedly recommend you read the book. Written by Dr.Alejandro Junger, the book provides a lot of research and explanation to why and how this cleanse help you heal your body and how it affected Dr.Junger himself.

For anyone following along, I'd like to cover the basics.  This is also for myself so I can keep all of the pointers in mind over my 21 day adventure.

Dr.Jung recommends you start with an elimination diet before the cleanse.  If your diet is already clean enough, he says 3-4 days is fine.

Here are the main guidelines for the elimination diet:

  • No packaged foods or potential allergens.
  • Reduce acidity, inflammatory foods and fungal foods.
  • Include: dairy substitutes, non gluten grains like quinoa, most fruits and vegetables, animal protein - cold water fish, wild game, lamb, duck, free-range chicken, turkey, vegetable protein - beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Exclude: dairy and eggs, grains with gluten, oranges, bananas, grapefruits, strawberries, corn, creamed vegetables, nightshades (tomato, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes), alcohol, caffeine.


Personally, I've decided to keep green tea in my diet at this time and I may have a glass of wine before the weekend is over.  During the cleanse I may eat dinner out on occasion or have a drink.  I'm doing this cleanse to re-balance and am going to go with the flow.

During the cleanse, you basically follow the same rules and limitations, but always have a liquid breakfast and dinner.  As I mentioned before, this can be a smoothie, a juice, or even a raw soup.

Knowing me, I will most likely be doing smoothies for both meals, as this way I can keep them as filling and calorie dense as I need.  I also like the ease of them and that I can add a plant based protein powder.

Dr.Jung recommends you fast overnight for 12 hours.  For example, if you eat dinner at 7pm, eat breakfast at 7am.  This is always a good test for my late night sweet tooth.

Other recommendations are to include a fibre supplement, probiotics, oil of oregano, digestive enzymes, and a liver cleanser like Hepa.  It is recommended that you exercise, rest as much as possible, meditate, chew your food, and consume plenty pure water.  Other suggestions include consuming a clove of garlic a day, getting colonics and massages, and writing out your feelings daily.

I love these guidelines and feel it will help me through a difficult time right now.  I have recently lost my footing when it comes to taking care of myself and look forward to finding balance again.


I don't personally believe that everyone needs to detox or follow any kind of extremes if you have a balanced diet.  I prefer the every day in moderation approach and generally embrace this way of living.  The Europeans have it down to an art form.  Still, I have and always will love detoxes as a bit of a reset button when the pendulum swings too far in one direction.

My intentions for this cleanse are to practice self care.  Take some time to myself to meditate, heal my body, and be kind to myself.  I hope you'll follow along.

*Krissy from Balance is Beauty and I are doing this together so expect some fun updates from the both of us.