Clean: Final Thoughts

I decided to end my cleanse two days early. After spending most of the week in bed with the flu, I made the most of my Saturday and celebrated with some good coffee and drinks at a friend's place.  I think I earned it, yeah?


So now I gratefully say adieu to the Clean Program and the (almost) three weeks of cleansing with plenty of smoothies, juices, and vibrant foods.

The good results of the cleanse?  Better sleep, improved digestion, cleared skin and a general sense of wellbeing.

I really enjoyed the format of this program and loved how I never felt restricted, hungry, or bored.

I definitely think you have to be at the right time and place to do a cleanse like this.  It's socially restrictive and demands a good juicer or a blender by your side for two meals of the day.  The past few weeks have been extremely low key and I'm pretty excited to be making coffee and cocktail dates again.



If you're not looking to do a full on cleanse, here are the take aways I loved most and hope to integrate into my daily life.

Liquid Mornings

I really enjoyed the habit of having a juice or a smoothie in the morning.  It didn't weigh me down and gave me a lot of energy to start the day with.


The cleanse forced me to drink a lot more water than I normally would.  This was great for my energy and my ski.  Must keep this up.

Tea Lady

Rather than crawling to the coffee machine at work I re-ignited my love of tea.  I hope to keep up my daily green tea habit and save my coffee for beautifully made lattes downtown rather than settling for any cuppa joe.

Smoothie Meal

While I love cooking it was nice to switch it up and have smoothies for a meal.  I'd like to do this a couple of times a week as a healthy, time efficient easy lunch or dinner.

Green Juice

My juicer was really happy to be getting some action again during this cleanse.  I fell back in love with green juice and want to keep this up as it does wonders for my skin and adds a bounce to my step.


Doing this cleanse got me back in some healthy supplementing habits.  I'm going to keep up the probiotics, digestive enzymes, Hepa, and my Usana daily essentials.


Now excuse me while I go hunt down a delicious latte...