Dirty Shirley

When we're in France we often hold dinner parties where we all share a poem. I miss this so much when I'm back in Canada that I decided to start a monthly wine and words gathering.  To kick it off, I held a Champagne and Quotes party to start on a light and festive note.


It's been too long since I've hosted a party in Toronto so I whipped up all of my favourites: homemade sushi (or maki rolls) stuffed with peppers, ginger and mango, fresh spring rolls, edamame and some Asian sweets.

But the true star of the night was the Champagne cocktail.  I asked my bartender friend for an easy and delicious recipe and he delivered.

photo copy

I like to call it a Dirty Shirley because it's kind of like a naughty Shirley Temple.  Simply combine equal parts Cointreau, Campari and oj and top with bubbles.

While this was meant as an apero for the evening it was so well received that we drank it all night.  Success.

The only bad news is we forgot to share our quotes.  So I'll leave you with this.