What a Tease

I've always loved glamour. In elementary school I took part in an event called Night of the Nobles where students represent someone famous form the past.  You dress up, make a presentation, set up a whole stand and serve a food that represents your 'noble'.

While my mother begged me to go as a writer like Beatrix Potter, I shimmied into a gold sequin dress, sang "Happy Birthday Mr.President" with a big birthday cake, darkened my beauty mark and went as Marilyn Monroe.

I recently stumbled upon one of my biggest girl crushes, Dita Von Teese, on Grub Street sharing her burlesque diet.  You all might know I'm a little obsessed with Grub Street and did my own variation last year.


The whole thing only made me love her more.  She is obviously a big personal fan of Kimberly Snyder, one of my favourite nutritionists and health food gurus, but is also a dessert snob, a Mariage Frères tea lover and a cocktail fan.  Girl after my own heart?

1745ec92ed33776baa522fd70c7742a7She also digs good Mexican food and seems to enjoy everything in moderation.  The key to true happiness.

39e4e4da8962ed56cc23ef3411cb254aIf that's not enough to fall in love, watch one of her burlesque videos, or even this clip of her removing her stockings.  Enough said.