Lead Me Around London

Everyone deserves to be led around London by a beautiful woman. After a great wedding and a little too much Irish celebration I somehow made it here.

I stepped out into the sunshine this morning to meet Alice.  Alice is an honorary sister and daughter in my family.  We have known each other since we were both small things kicking around our little French village.


We had planned to see a Sundance film I ordered tickets for, but after a misfortunate morning of forgetting my tickets, underground closures, and a taxi dropping me off an hour from the actual destination, there was no point in trying to make the film on time.  Some things are not meant to be.

So instead we met at Greenwich market.  We walked past the incredible smelling food stands, pieces of deep fried bread dipped in sugar, hand made soaps, brightly coloured hippie clothes that Alice attempted to make me add to my widower's black wardrobe with a devilish grin, and a million other things to admire that you'd never really need.

We were drawn to the juice stand and topped up on big beet, carrot and apple juices to drown our sins.  With no destination in mind we took a long walk through the park until our hands grew numb.  At a small restaurant we warmed up with some Spanish tapas and Tinto de Veranos.

With a light buzz we jumped back on the train and over to the ghost streets of London to admire the architecture the way you only can on a quiet Sunday.  We stopped in to a free art exhibit of haunting puppets and walked for miles until the only appropriate thing to do was stop for some proper cocktails at the Artesian bar in the Langham hotel.  The opulent cocktails made it a comfortable space to sit for a couple of hours.  My parents joined us before we headed over to Mestizo for a Mexican feast.

My dad and I both live for Mexican food.  I hardly spoke a word over my nopales tacos filled with tender cactus leaf and tacos rajas con crema with poblano pepper strips in a sweet corn and onion cream sauce.  To make things even better, when we requested hot sauce we were brought a plate of house made hot sauces and chipotle peppers.  I could have cried tears of joy (or heat).

London has treated me well so far.  This could be home some day in the near future so I'm taking it all in and seeing where my heart leads me.