Dear Anxious Twenty Somethings

  1. Do not worry about finding "the one".  There is no rush, and the more you worry, the more you'll attract the wrong kind of people anyways.
  2. It's ok to make mistakes.  Stop beating yourself up.
  3. Do not let anyone take ownership of you, and do not try to take ownership of anyone else.  When we love unconditionally the world offers itself to us.
  4. Diet coke and potato chips are a miracle hangover cure no one ever told you about.
  5. Always keep at least one bottle of bubbly chilling in your fridge.  If you have really great friends, keep at least two.
  6. Do not diet.  It is not the time in your life to isolate yourself from your friends or any opportunity to have a great time.
  7. Do not worry about going to the gym.  Go out and walk, dance, run in the open air and take the stairs.
  8. Tell your girlfriends how beautiful they are.  Even the ones you don't think need to hear it.  They do.
  9. If your friend is going through a breakup let them cry.  Then bring out that bubbly I mentioned earlier.
  10. Travel.
  11. Spend your money on concerts, plane tickets, train tickets and nights out rather than things.
  12. Do not envy anyone elses life.  Just because someone's life looks glamorous on Instagram doesn't mean they've got it all figured out.  Enjoy your own.
  13. Do not wait for the perfect person, job, or opportunity to make you happy.
  14. Forget regret.
  15. Wear what makes you feel good.  Fuck fashion trends.  Fuck dressing for your shape.  You look great.
  16. The less you care about what other people think, the more you attract the people who should be in your life.
  17. It's ok to put yourself first.
  18. It's ok to spend all day in bed.
  19. It's ok if it takes time to learn to apply some of these rules.
  20. You're alright.


These rules can also apply to 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80+ somethings.