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Marion is a beautiful young French woman that lives just outside our village. I have known her through mutual friends for many years but it wasn't until I discovered her blog that I realized how many interests we share.  Marion is a self-proclaimed tea, music, art, style, photo, knitting and travel lover.

Her blog is a creative collection of all these things.  I love her photos, videos and writing, as well as her food blog Les Recettes de Marion.  Any woman who has mastered making perfect frites at home has a special place in my heart.


Marion is going to share a recipe on the blog soon, but first we thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A so that you can get to know her...

Q: What inspired you to start your wonderful blog? A: I started it actually more as a sort of journal where i could put all the things i like, and that touched me, thinking that maybe some people would be touched by the same things. I would like to share more !

Q: You have started putting together some beautiful short films. Can we expect more? A: I love making videos ! hopefully i'll do some more this summer !

Q: You are a world traveller! What is one of your best travel memories? A: MMMmm hard to say ... Probably the feeling i had when i walked through a bridge to reach the city of Rishikesh, India. The bridge was over the Ganges River, it was something like midnight, full moon and the noise of this powerful river was very loud and beautiful. I realized where i was and felt very much in the present moment. Which is weirdly rare finally.

Q: You also have a great food blog. If you could throw a dinner party with a limitless budget, what would you make? A: I'll start probably with some guacamole and hummus which, shame on me, are not even on Les Recettes de Marion, then i would make veg lasagna and end up with a lemon meringue pie

Q: What is your favourite thing to bake? A: The lemon meringue pie, because i made it so many times, i never fail !

Q: Do you make any traditional dishes from the Tarn? A: No, unfortunately.

Q: You are a tea lover. What is your every day tea? Do you have any tea brewing secrets? A: I always start my day with a green tea, I like Kusmi tea brand but my favorite is definitely Mariage Frere. Pure tea, without adding any milk or sugar is the rule !

Q: What is the best thing you ate on your recent visit to San Francisco? A: without any hesitations the ginger cake with pumpkin ice cream, caramel sauce and cream from Chow (215 Church St San Francisco, CA 94114) !

Q: What do you think are the biggest differences between the North American diet and the French diet? A: Less fat in France in general and more elaborate (sorry dudes) except for the sandwiches, this guys are the best sandwiches makers ever.

Q: You are always beautifully dressed. What French fashion secrets can you share with our readers? A: Observing, what looks good together, what doesn't, forms, colors, styles. I think its a lot about observing.

Q: What blogs are you loving right now? A: I follow Make my lemonade that i like because Lisa is sharing a lot, she gives. This blog is full of love! I also like Eleonore Bridge, A Beautiful Mess and Oversize Me.

Q: What can we expect to see in the future of My Blueberry Blog? A: I would like a lot to offer a better design, the buttons on the right side are very shameful I am trying to learn about css and stuff but its so hard !! Also maybe feeding more the recipe section with home made videos ...

Make sure to stop by My Blueberry Blog to be inspired.  You can also follow Marion on Facebook and Twitter!