Today my best friend turns 25. I should be with her I'm not.  So the least I can do is smother her in love from afar.

Since she always sends me the best lists I wanted to make her one.

It's hard to put in to words the love I feel for this incredible woman but I'll do my best.

25 reasons you're my best friend

1.  You are the most loyal person I know.  I have been traveling and moving from city to city for the past 10 years.  My friends have grown to accept that I am hard to reach and that I can be distant.  While our friendship started casually it has blossomed into something so strong and beautiful that you feel like a long lost sister.  You are the one person I feel comfortable calling in the middle of the night in tears or sharing my darkest fears with.


2.  You are brave and you inspire me.  You have successfully written, produced and starred in your own one woman show.  You packed up and moved to LA on your own.  You drive around the city like a boss and are creating a life you can be proud of.


3.  You are hilarious.  You are funny as hell and somehow even get my humour.  I never laugh as much as when I'm with you.  Even in between tears we manage to find something hilarious.  You are my favourite medicine.


4.  You are grateful.  You are the one person who never turns down something I've made.  You always show an extreme amount of gratitude for anything I've done for you and always make me feel appreciated.  It never goes unnoticed.


5.  You love delicious food.  I love how we can go to a restaurant and order everything off of the menu even when we're broke because we love to eat.  There's something special about a friend you can go for a snack with and order fries, salad, cheesecake, and three kinds of gravy and dip.


6.  Your smile.  Even though I make fun of how you smile in photos I secretly love it.  You are so beautiful but you ham it up in a way that is perfectly charming and disarming.


7.  Your style.  You can pull of things I never could and are the one person I take fashion advice from.  You have a way with clothes and beauty and I love being your real life Barbie doll.


8.  You go the extra mile.  There have been so many moments when you have gone out of your way to make me feel better.  I see you do this with everyone you care about.

9.  Your generosity.  You literally clothed and housed me in the worst four months of my life.

10.  You're better than Oprah.  I have never met anyone who can talk things out as well as you.  I can be ready to jump off a bridge, and by the time we're done talking, I want to strap on some 4 inch heels and go dancing.

11.  Our friendship knows no boundaries.  You have powdered my naked body so that a dress wouldn't stick to me in the summer.  Enough said.

12.  You value family.   I don't know anyone who talks to their grandmother more than you.

13.  You do the best impersonations.  Every time I see your play I am blown away by how such a beautiful woman can transform into a male taxi driver, a gay Spanish man and a child.  You do what only the best actors do by making the audience forget who you are .  You take us right into your character.

14.  You make the best Persian food.  And then say you can't cook.  But that rice, oh my god, that rice.

15.  You are a part of my family.  You have only met my parents once but are already an honorary daughter.

16.  You like to live well.  I love that no matter how broke we are we somehow manage to live like we're loaded.

17.  You make any situation fun.  Whether it's folding laundry or dining at the best restaurant in the city, it's always hilarious and fun.  You brighten any dull moment.

18.  You love to travel.  I love that you flew to London for your birthday, fly back and forth from Toronto to LA, and visit your family in Spain.  I predict some European adventures in our future.

19.  You are honest.  I never have to guess what you're thinking because you'll tell me straight up and clear the air right away.  Even when it throws me off guard I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

20.  You have the best hair.

21.  You always smell nice.

22.  You look great in red lipstick.

23.  You're Iranian and I'm Irish but I'm browner than you.  But I'm Irish Canadian and therefore also Iranian.

24.  "Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!"  This and all the other moments where our lives parallel each other in inexplicable ways.

25.  You love me.  And I love you.  A lot.  They say that's all you really need in life, so I guess we're set.  Thank you.