With a Friend Like You

Sometimes life is very generous. It's been eight years since my friend Aimée was here last.  It was the end of summer and I was suffering from a younger kind of heartbreak.

We danced in the rain, hitchhiked to a wine festival, to the next town to buy whiskey, pancake mix and chocolate, slept in a borrowed car during a storm, got into a lot of trouble, and laughed until it hurt.  It is one of my best summer memories.

a friend arrives in france

When I found out she would be visiting with her parents in May I wanted to embrace the universe.  If there were ever a time for my friend with the contagious laugh and big beautiful heart to come back into my life, it is now.

And like all good things in life, not much has changed.  Our lives have gone different ways but we are the same young girls who love to drink and dance and find the humour in everything.

I could tell you about our visit to the market, or the winery for her dad's birthday, or her perfectly cooked risotto, or the cheesy DJ we danced to last night, but I really just want to express how grateful I am.

Good friends don't come easily.  Friendships that start when your young and hold their strength over the years are gold.  Friends that look at you and tell you straight up "You're the whole damn package" light up your whole damn world and make you feel worthy.

I'm grateful for my friend, for her loving family, for laughing with tears in our eyes as we confessed our teenage sins.

Oh baby it's a wild world, but with good friends it's worth the ride.

And because all good times come with good recipes, you can find a recipe for Celebration Muffins here.