12 hrs in Berlin

I am back in France after another whirlwind weekend in Berlin. I arrived Friday night and my brother and I got right into it by hitting up the Champagne bar at Galleries Lafayette to wet out appetites.  This started a night that seemed to stretch out five different nights, leading us to a restaurant under a bridge with the best miso cod I've ever had, a club in an alleyway, a bar hidden away behind a building, a cocktail and live jazz stop at Pauly Saal, and late night plates of currywurst smothered in ketchup and mayo.

Oh how we feasted.  It was a great weekend for eating and drinking.  I also spent hours walking in the rain with one of my best friends, got interviewed for German fashion TV at a Sunday clothing market, and had a great time getting lost in the streets of one of my favourite cities.

I recently stumbled across this fantastic guide for 12 hours in Berlin with Herbert Hoffman, the creative director of the Voo Store, and loved the perfect day he'd planned.  So let's pretend you spent Saturday with Herbert in Berlin and now it's time to spend Sunday with me.




Let's start our day at Barn Roastery.  They respect good coffee here and I get a little kick out of the fact that there are no children, laptops, or sugar for your coffee allowed.  But it's surprisingly unpretentious and the flat whites are perfect.  They are smooth and creamy and require nothing more than your full attention as you sit at the window and occasionally look up to watch passersby.


Schönhauser Allee 8 / Mo-Fr 8.30–18, Sa-Su 10–18



Because we're spending 12 hours together in Berlin, we should drink as much good coffee as possible.  So let's skip over to the happiest little New Zealander owned coffee shop Antipodes.  Saturdays are great for brunch, so let's get some eggs benny, bacon and eggs, or home made meat pies and enjoy them outside with a couple more flat whites.


Fehrbelliner Straße 5 / Wed-Fri 8-17:00, Sat-Sun 9-17:00



Once we are well fuelled we can make our way up to the Arkonoplatz flea market.  We'll rifle through old records, retro shades, handbags, and various other knick knacks at reasonable prices and find something special to take home.


Arkonaplatz / Sun, 10:00-16:00



Let's take our new treasures and hop over to Mauerpark to lie on the grassy hills, listen to live music, and if we're up for it, venture through another flea market.  It is after all, where I bought my favourite hat.


Gleimstraße 55 / Fleamarket Summer: Sun, 8:00-18:00, Winter: Sun, 8:00-sunset



If we can handle one more coffee we better go to Bonanza Coffee Heroes.  At Bonanza the coffee is produced with a Synesso Cyncra—a machine that is extremely thermally sensitive— and is watched at all times with a measuring system on an iMac.  Apparently there are only three of these insane machines in all of Europe.

If we've had enough coffee let's just grab a glass of Riesling at one of the other cute cafes along this street and people watch.


Oderberger Straße 35 / Mon - Tues 8:30 am – 7:00 pm, Sat - Sun 10:00 am – 7:00 pm



We'll walk around until we are tired and thirsty and for a pre-dinner G&T at the adorable Gin and Tonic bar.


Friedrichstraße 113 / Mon - Sun: 8:00 pm - 3:00 am



A short walk away is Grill Royal.  It's a bit of a splurge but it's Sunday, we're tired and hungry, and we deserve some proper steaks.  We might have to wait for a table, but we can always go and grab another gin and tonic and come back.  We'll order two big steaks, French fries, sweet potato fries and a variety of dips and sauces.  Extra garlic aioli for me please.

Friedrichstraße 105b / The restaurant is open daily from 6pm.


We can crawl into bed with happy bellies, or maybe we'll hit a few more bars, try to get into Berghain or hit up some late night Currywurst.  Anything is possible in Berlin.

I created a google map of all of these spots here.