Happiness does not discriminate. Sometimes it starts with your tangled hair Crawling all over your pillow Lit up by the crack of sunlight That spills through your window. Sometimes it joins you at your morning coffee And stays with you when you step outside. Sometimes it's in bittersweet beginnings, The moment the plane takes off And trembles you right to your core. Sometimes it's an almost stranger, Who reminds you everything is fine, A bottle of wine made to last the whole night. And sometimes it's in letting go Not because you don't care But you cared too much and it still wasn't working. You could have wasted your precious youth Thinking one person, place or thing would finish the equation, And missed out on all of the in between. You can't keep numbing the pain, You can't keep getting drunk on the idea of love And other ideas that leave you broken and hungover. You have to get outside again To walk the streets when everyone else is sleeping And realize that you already have the whole world To feed you, to love you, to touch you, To put its hand on your forehead, To go to bed with you at night.