Le Moulin

A girl in a rainbow striped sweatshirtSits with her keyboard and sings to me. I close my eyes and start to cry. This morning I am leaving After two weeks of labour and love Home in a family of strangers.

When I first got here I wanted to run, Too many young beautiful faces, I felt old and tired, And crawled into my caravan while they danced. I woke up to roosters crowing and poured myself a strong cup of coffee While they sprawled out on benches and drank mint tea.

After a few days of hard work and gentle touches, I realized we are never alone. These strangers told me their stories, And I held a young woman in the park Lying in the grass like lovers While tears ran down her face.

A young man who rides a unicycle Left his wife to become a vagabond. In the crowd he is loud but he speaks to me gently, Tells me that she made him happy But that he didn't want one life or one woman, That it wasn't fair for either of them.

One night I got on a bike and faced twenty years of shame. I rode head first down a hill into a bed of stinging nettles. I stopped for a moment to cry for all of my failures, Then got back on and tried again. I realized this is how I want to live my life, Falling into stinging nettles and getting up to try again.

I leave here with the comfort in knowing The universe will nourish me And give me everything that I need. Whether it's a home amongst strangers, Stinging nettles, star lit skies, Or a young girl who sings to me in the morning and lets me cry.


A three part blog post about my two weeks working the Le Moulin is coming...