I always come back to you. You were the first to ever really make me feel like a woman.  You made me feel beautiful when I was young and insecure.  You taught me the art of seduction, of buttering my baguette and smothering it in strawberry preserves in the morning, of savouring café crèmes and spending entire days wrapped up in each other.

You fill me with lust, love, sadness, despair.  You are a remarkable affair.  I thought we had ended our romance a long time ago but it seems I can't keep away.

touch me

I arrived in Paris yesterday morning.

I forgot how much this city feels like home.  I've been back here so many times that it no longer holds that foreign feeling.  Instead when I see the Eiffel tower and busy bistros a part of me relaxes.

My mom and I found her apartment and I lugged our suitcases up the five flights of stairs.  She is here to work the fashion market and starting today I will be leading excursions and supervising with a summer study program for five weeks.

We settled in, made quick outfit changes, picked up some groceries, and I jumped in a cab for my first program rendez vous. When my taxi driver asked me on a date, I realized yes, I really am back in Paris.  At the hotel I met one of the program leaders and went over my roles.  I'm told to expect minimal sleep and hard work.

Once we wrapped up I made a metro trip across town to meet some of the other staff for drinks.  My heart skipped a little on the way there.  I feel good here.  More feminine. I love the pace and the way the sidewalks spill over with people drinking, smoking, and romancing life.

I met the group at Chez Prune off the Canal St.Martin. I spotted the fashion teacher with her wild blonde hair sitting with another young woman outside.  I approached hesitantly "Summer study?"  A small group of us formed over the evening.  They all seem great and it was nice to get to know each other over drinks before we five head first into orientation.

I took off later in the evening to see my Turkish family.  They are  still the love and light of my life in Paris.  I spent the night eating my favourite vegetarian platter at their restaurant and drinking strong cups of Turkish tea back at their apartment.

Now it's orientation day and I've got to head over to the hotel.  Wish me luck et à bientôt!


I also put together a cheesy little video before I left with some packing tips that you can watch here