Paris in the Summer

You're my nicotine rushMy hot summer flush Bare legs Espadrilles on cobblestone streets The sun beating down On trottoires and cafes I want to stay up all night With you, with him Riding on the back of a scooter Wine infused This is the life we Daydreamed about Stay tonight And tomorrow Wrap your arms around me We'll go to Chez Prune Admire tonight's bright lune And forget all the rest The past was then I want the now I lusted for you then Knowing I'd be back somehow So one more drink Let's go beyond the apero Dine at midnight Go brown in the sunlight Drape your checkered blanket Across the grass Spread out Breathe it all in Feed me sweet nothings Tell me sweeter somethings Let July and August Dribble into the fall Right now you're mine And I want it all.