Picking up the Pieces

Sitting at a cafe this morning a student told me I was the inspiration for his photography project. He took a picture of me before an excursion the other morning while I was looking away.  I look serious and pensive.  His project is about the darker sides of people that we don't see.

I am tired.  Today I hit a rock and had to come to my room to lie down.

The job is demanding but I've been tired for a while now.  This year has been a challenge.  To be plain and honest with you, I am going through a divorce, shortly after getting married, and the past six months have been a complete rollercoaster.


In December I was taking charge of my health and trying to rebalance my hormones and adrenal fatigue.  Shortly after my life was completely turned upside down and my health got put aside.  I have been focusing on enjoying my life as much as possible but have been through an emotional and physical war zone.  I am taxed.

As much as I'm loving my time in Paris, the insane hours and nature of the job are a lot right now.  My body is not agreeing with me in many ways.  The good thing is that it has reminded me how much I need to get back to self care.

I have two more weeks.  I am going to do my best.  In the meantime I'm putting together some health goals to get me to where I know I want to be.


  • Sleep as much as possible
  • Hydrate
  • Manage hormones and adrenals with rest, regular meals balanced with protein and gentle exercise
  • Add in strength training/yoga
  • Limit stimulants


  • Take time to finish book
  • Start planning some creative projects online


  • Look into funding for creative work
  • Plan how to publicize guide book and finish editing


  • Daily meditation
  • Keep choosing love over fear
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Save money for India