I'm Excited About the Future

I'm excited about the future.  To visit New York again sometime when the leaves are falling.  For warm lattes in quiet cafes in cities I haven't been to yet.  For the rush that comes with arriving somewhere new and foreign. I'm excited to create my own home one day.  To make my own comforts and new memories.  To fill photo albums.  To experience love again when the time is right.

I'm excited for all of the in between.  For skinny dipping in lakes.  Learning to ride a motorcycle.  Getting another tattoo.  Starting a business.  Lust.  A hand grasping mine.  Mistakes.  Meals at sketchy diners at four in the morning.  Strong cocktails.  Honest conversations.  Making the most of it all.

I'm excited because I have freedom.  And every day I wake up grateful for this life and the fact that I can make what I want of it.  That I have decided not to set boundaries or follow the rules.  It is mine.