A Bright Start for 27: Following a Plan

Last week I talked about hitting a bit of a low in my progress when I discovered new allergies. To get me back on track Sarah created a rotational menu plan for me to follow.  I was a bit nervous about this.  Any kind of food plan tends to overwhelm me.  I love food, I love cooking, I like eating what I crave when I crave it.  But I trust Sarah, so I broke out of my routine and gave it a chance.



Sarah sent me a four day plan to repeat that rotates foods.  She included a lot of meals that I normally enjoy so that it wasn't too much of a change and gave me freedom to alter recipes as long as I was sticking with the basic ingredients and ratios.

She noticed I was eating a lot of foods that can affect histamine and immune levels - eggs, cured meats and a lot of sugar - so these were cut right out of my diet.

Each day has three meals, a morning and an afternoon snack, and the right kind of ratios I need to be following for my adrenal fatigue.

Sarah says: "Rotating your foods, particularly common allergenic foods, is important because over exposure to those foods can lead to an allergy or sensitivity. For example, soy allergies were non-existent before we started using soy fillers in our food products. The same goes for eggs, wheat, dairy and corn. These foods are literally everywhere which is why when people develop allergies it can feel like a bit of a nightmare to avoid it. I often hear people say "but I always eat that food how can I be allergic/sensitive?" Well if someone is feeling a bit crappy the first place you want to look at is what you're eating a lot of, not the foods you aren't eating at all or minimally. If you're feeling crappy daily it's likely something in your daily food regime. These usually aren't lifelong allergies but if someone develops any skin or throat reaction these are really serious and skin scratch test should be done before any reintroductions. Otherwise an elimination and allergen rotation diet can help give your body a break from a certain food and then slowly reintroduced to be eaten every once and awhile."

She also sent me the following guidelines:

• Eat frequently – every 3 – 4 hours

• Ensure proper water intake in between meals

• Go through the 4 days of meals and repeat on the 5th day – allergens are rotated, the least allergenic foods are not

• You can use any recipe you wish for all the options, just look at the main food involved (ie. Is it buckwheat flakes or quinoa, chicken or bison, almonds or peanuts, etc.)


Following a food plan was a little bit of a challenge considering I'm on a budget, living in the middle of the countryside, and only have access to a market once a week along with a teeny tiny grocery store.  But it forced me to get creative and come up with new dishes and to try new things (like making homemade almond milk with a hand blender!)

Near the end of the week I sent Sarah an email saying I wanted to reach through the screen and hug her.  I felt like a different person.  I had a ton of energy, improved mood and sleep, and was feeling drastically better than the week before thanks to her plan and recommended supplements.

Beyond avoiding allergens the plan has been great in helping me better space out food throughout the day, balance my meals, eat more protein and better ratios.  It made me realize that as much as I love eating what I crave, I also get in food ruts and don't really know how to fuel my body.

Later this week I'll be travelling up to Paris so it will be an extra challenge sticking to my plan but I'm going to do my best.  If I can keep on the path I'm going I will definitely have a bright start for my 27th birthday.

 Since Sarah has been such a great help in my journey I asked if we could offer a discount to any of you who might be interested.  

If you are looking to jump start your own health this Fall simply tweet "Making a bright start with @Holisitc_Gal" and contact her to receive a 25% off discount off of any package for Sarah's services over the phone!

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