A Bright Start for 27: Immune Support

A bright start for 27 continues with some new challenges. While I had a great time in Paris I took a few steps back in my progress and returned home feeling burnt out from travel and the weekend's indulgences.


My newfound energy crashed and I spent a lot of the week struggling to get out of bed and be productive.  I'm so grateful to be at home and to be able to rest.

In an effort to feel better I decided to fuel my body with lots of healthy protein and to have a few eggs a day.  This plan backfired on me when I broke out in a rash one night, and the next day after eating eggs broke out into full body hives.

This is the second time this summer my body has reacted so violently to an allergy that I knew nothing about previously.  I spoke to Sarah who said that new allergies most commonly come on when there is high stress or your immune system is down.


Sarah advised that due to the egg reaction we need to do a serious clean up and immune boost because hives can become a lot more serious if not dealt with.

Sarah's Plan of action to help rebuild my immune system and avoid hives: 

1. No more eggs - not even in baked goods 2. Eliminate sugars/sweeteners (white sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave) because this can deplete your immune system for a short period 3. Supplement with zinc (25mg 2 - 3/day with food), Magnesium 300 - 400mg before bed, Vitamin C 2,000mg, Omega-3 2,000mg with food that contains fat to support your immune system - these can be in a multivitamin format just check quantities. Optional but great would be 2 billion active cells of probiotics and 5,000mg of L-Glutamine 2x daily. 4. Avoid foods high in histamine (histamine is produced during allergic reactions) - eggs, fish (not fish oil), shellfish, tomatoes, pork, pickled foods, smoked foods, white vinegar, alcohol, cocoa, wheat are the major ones 5. Really make an effort to consume 20 - 30g protein at each main meal to support the building of your white blood cells. The least allergenic proteins are chicken, turkey, lamb, legumes/lentils, rice protein powder 6. Try and rotate your foods a bit to prevent over exposure and further allergic reactions - mostly rotate other foods that could be allergenic like peanuts, dairy, beef, soy, tree nuts (don't rotate eggs though keep those out and the high histamine foods) 7. Meditate at least once a day - before bed will help you sleep. This will help reduce stress, reduce cortisol secretion and overall support your immune system. I recommend Caroline Dupont's meditation series (carolinedupont.com), or if it can't ship to you try www.calm.com each day and close your eyes to relax. 8. Drink 1/2 lemon in 1 cup water each morning or 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar to support your liver 9. Use only unscented natural lotions/washes on your skin 10. Avoid perfumes/artificially scented products of any kind

It seems like a lot but I'm determined to feel my best.  Sarah is going to build a rough plan for me, and in the meantime I'm working on following these guidelines.  On the bright side it's reignited my passion for health and even gotten me back into my natural beauty routine which I feel really good about.

It's been a bit of an emotional week for me.  I wrote to Sarah one day out of frustration that I'm tired of feeling tired, and I hold a lot of guilt and shame with this.

Sarah reminded me that adrenal fatigue is a real condition that affects many people even if it's not understood or known by the general public perspective.  I actually teared up at her email as I had been feeling so isolated and embarrassed trying to explain how I feel to friends and family.


I think sometimes we have to remind ourselves to stop and put ourselves and our health first sometimes.  While this can feel selfish, I know that I'm a much better friend and person all around when I feel my best.

So I'm trusting this journey.  In the past few days I have had the best sleep I've had in months and have been smiling and laughing a lot more.  I've got to trust the process and be patient.

See you next week for an update of how I'm doing with my new plan!