Another Day, Another Adventure

Yesterday morning I zipped up my suitcase and headed to the train station. IMG_5261

I made it to Toulouse with plenty of time for my train to Paris.  While I was soaking up the sun and leaning up against a wall a man passed me and made some suggestive hand gestures.  I ignored him and made eye contact with a young gypsy woman pushing a stroller and we shared a laugh.

I ate my classy packed lunch - a canned tuna and bean salad - while leaning against my suitcase and avoiding a young man who  spoke ecstatically about my eyes while pacing and chain smoking around me.  When I walked away I passed the young gypsy woman again.  She stopped me and asked me if I could buy her a sandwich for lunch.  I apologized and she thanked me anyway.  I walked a few steps, thought about how graceful she was, pulled 10 euros from my purse and ran after her.  When I snuck her the bill her eyes widened, she grabbed me, kissed my cheek three times and thanked me profusely.  I took it as a good omen.


The journey up to Paris went smoothly and I arrived at the Gare Montparnasse feeling like I'd come home.  To one of my favourite cities during my favourite season.


I'm in Paris for just under two weeks.  I'm staying with my mom and her colleagues for the next few days, then taking care of a friends dog and apartment for another week before I leave for Berlin.

This is the best I've felt in a long time.


For now, Paris.  More soon.

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