Three Years of Letters

Around three years ago, on October 1st, 2010, you wrote me an email titled 'Solo Travel Through Paris'.  You had found my blog and reached out to me for advice. By the 10th of October, we realized that we were kindred spirits and started to write back and forth several times a day.  You talked about your dream of opening a small coffee shop and I talked about a website for women I want to launch.


On Halloween we shared our love for the movie Hocus Pocus and you told me you were making madeleines.

In November I admitted your emails were gems in my inbox, and you agreed that our pen pal connection brightened up your days.  The emails got longer, we got to know each other more, and a real friendship through written word formed.  We emailed each other through food poisonings, shitty days at work, and holiday woes.

In December you took your solo trip to Paris and won my heart with your courage, curiosity, joie de vivre, your confession to having icing sugar from your almond croissant all over your jacket, and for stealing me a menu from Cafe Flore.

By February we had gotten each other through the winter blues and you bought a Megabus ticket to Toronto.  You felt familiar from the second we met and it wasn't long before we were drinking too much wine and spilling our hearts at my kitchen table.  It was a great weekend and I'm still thankful you weathered that 10 hour bus ride to visit.


Afterwards we continued to write almost every day sharing everything from recipes to deeper heartaches.

And last summer, when I was about to get married and suggested you come to France, you did.  You charmed my family and the entire village with your positive energy.  You made the whole event more beautiful with your flower arrangements and presence.


While the marriage wasn't meant to be, I have no doubt that our friendship was from the start.


It's been almost three years since you first wrote me and we still write to each other every day.

Since today is your birthday I just wanted to thank you for that initial email.  You are a beautiful, intelligent, elegant and well traveled woman with a big place in my heart.  Thank you, thank you, for reaching out, for being my pen pal, my kindred spirit, a wonderful friend, and an impeccable woman.

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