10 Reasons to Move Berlin

Thank you all for the warm welcome to 27. I received flowers and gluten free cake at work, ate brains and drank Champagne at dinner with my brother, and then unfortunately fell ill and have slept the past 48 hours.  Remember when I said transitions aren't easy?

Feeling a little better today and am going to take it easy and maybe seek out a coffee in this fine city.

Speaking of this fine city, I put together a list of 10 reasons you should move here.


  1. It's international - Berlin is a melting pot.  I feel most at home in a mix of cultures and it provides me with just that.  While I always feel like I need to adapt to another culture, in Berlin I feel like it adapts to you.
  2. It's affordable - The other night I went for dinner with two friends and shared a table full of food and a bottle of wine.  The bill was under 40 euros.  I am always pleasantly surprised by how much things cost here.  Apartments here are three times bigger and three times cheaper than anywhere else I've lived.tumblr_mc4n732Ty01qa7h0xo1_1280
  3. Coffee - I come from Vancouver, another coffee obsessed city, and finding the perfect cup is always high on my list.  I wonder if the rain helps motivate good coffee brewing?  Berlin has the best coffee I've ever tasted and an abundance of cute cafes and baristas.
  4. Quality of food - There is a very high standard for food here.  The food in restaurants, cafes and at work is excellent.  It is often fresh, well spiced and ethnically diverse.  I also find the produce to be incredibly flavourful.  I think this is partly due to Germany being anti GMO.
  5. Bars - There is no lack of bars in Berlin.  They are small, charming, full of colourful clientele and seem to be busy every night of the week.  On my block alone there are two bars that I would seek out in any other city.
  6. It's safe and low key - I feel safe and relaxed here at all hours.
  7. It's efficient - I love the efficiency here.  I received my residency in under an hour, my health insurance in three days, and am quickly learning to master local transit.coffee-and-cigarettes1
  8. Neighbourhoods - I am always a sucker for neighbourhoods.  Each hood here has its individual charm.  Apparently my neighbourhood is where the "real poor hipsters live."  I love it.
  9. Personal space - I have my own personal space bubble.  It doesn't matter how busy the streets are I always feel like I have plenty of room and that my space is respected.
  10. Startups - This city is bursting with Startups.  This means a lot of creative workplaces buzzing with new ideas and young talent.

So when are you moving here?